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Narrator: Drake

It’s easy to complain about the sun during Valley summers. The Hohokam Indians, early Valley residents, revered the sun and understood it as an integral part of their lives. They used rock formations, architecture, and petroglyphs to chart the sun’s movement throughout the year. The “sky watcher” was likely a position of great authority, as the meeting between the sky and earth held practical and religious meaning. The summer and winter solstices and the spring and fall equinoxes marked transitioning seasons and informed agricultural and ceremonial calendars. Listen as one Phoenician describes her experience viewing these natural light shows – perhaps you’ll be inspired to witness the solar events at the next solstice!

  • New York artist Jody Pinto and landscape architect Steve Martino created the Phoenix/Scottsdale city boundary monument Tree of Life, which incorporates themes of reclamation and sustainability into the design. The stone monuments align at sunrise during the solstice for a unique display showcasing art and nature. Credit: Papago Park City Boundary Project – The Tree of Life
  • Credit: Image courtesy of Pedro Xing, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.


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