Papago Saguaro National Monument

Papago Saguaro National Monument

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Narrator: Caferealla

Creating the Papago Saguaro National Monument was a big victory for the youngest state. Two years after earning federal recognition as a state, Papago Saguaro became the fourth national monument in Arizona and the first in the Salt River Valley. The area, formerly known as “Cactus Park,” was a well-preserved example of desert living. A Miami, AZ newspaper described Papago Saguaro as a “typical bit of desert as it appeared before the famous Roosevelt Dam stored up the water that has made the desert bloom.” A century after the arguments we heard about in the story, the former national monument has maintained – and even gained – natural, historical, and environmental significance.

  • Portrait of Ralph Henry Cameron
  • Proclamation creating Papago Saguaro National Monument
  • Portrait of Carl Hayden


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