Impressions of Los Pueblito

Impressions of Los Pueblito

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Narrator: Marcisz

The Hohokam people lived in Pueblo Grande and other sites throughout the Valley for one thousand years before abruptly abandoning the site in 1450 CE. They thrived in the desert thanks to their extensive canal system, which early Phoenix settlers used to irrigate their farms and build new communities. Founding father Darrell Duppa chose the name ‘Phoenix’ because the city rose from the ashes of the Hohokam metropolis. Listen to Frank Cushing’s impression of “Los Pueblito” as he and the Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition explored the ruins in 1887.

Fun Facts:

  • Works Progress Administration workers unearthed this nearly complete Salt Red jar from the eastern edge of the platform mound at Pueblo Grande around 1939-1940. The Hohokam likely used this jar to hold water or other liquids.
  • Aerial view of Pueblo Grande


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