As Through a Window

As Through a Window

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Narrator: Marcisz

After two months of trekking across the country, the Hemenway Southwestern Arhcaeological Expedition finally reached the Salt River Valley in February 1887. The expedition’s leader Frank Hamilton Cushing was a pioneering anthropologist whose study of the Zuni Indians of New Mexico earned him praise and the patronage of Mary Hemenway, a wealthy Bostonian. Listen to Cushing’s description of what he and his sister-in-law Mary Magill came upon as they explored the red rock north of Hayden’s Ferry.

Fun Facts:

  • View from Hole-in-the-Rock 1920
  • Frank Hamilton Cushing
  • Scottsdale founder and namesake Chaplain Winfield Scott (center, reclining) picnics with other founding families in Hole-in-the-Rock around 1910.


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